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"The world’s first & only solid diamond ring"

Elysium is the result of $30+ Million of Research & Development & 7+ Patents 

Soha Diamond Co. Elysium Black Diamond Band Price Match Guarantee

Elysium Size Exchange/Warranty Policy

Overview: Each Size Exchange and Warranty is considered on a case-by-case basis by Elysium’s in-house specialists. As the standard Elysium Band is the first jewelry line composed completely of diamond, the material is unique. Elysium offers both Size Exchanges and Warranties. All Size Exchange and Warranty Claims must go through the Jeweler of Original Purchase (Customer) and will be referred thereto in all cases where it is reasonable to do so. For each Size Exchange or Warranty Claim, all Customers must provide Proof of Purchase for the transaction to be valid. Work will begin on the replacement band once the original ring and all its components (diamonds, inlays, pieces, etc.) are received in our shop. An RA# must be issued for each Claim before shipment of the original ring, and each RA# will be issued after the Customer fills out the Size Exchange/Warranty Form provided by Elysium. Customer will initiate Size Exchange/Warranty Claims through orders@elysiumdiamond.com. 

One Size Exchange: Is available for every band style and for the lifetime of the first purchase. Diamond cannot be resized, and as such there is no time restriction on requesting the first Size Exchange. If a Customer requires additional resizings beyond that first, each will incur a $125 + tax restock fee for ring replacement except in the case of Reverse Inlays. Reverse Inlays will incur a 20% of MSRP restocking fee for replacement. All Size Exchanges will be put into production in the order received, and will have normal lead times for the production of the particular band. Custom Laser Designs will void the first free size exchange 


First Size Exchange is free, no time limit, no limit on band style. 

$125 + tax restock fee if resized beyond first sizing for regular bands. 

Reverse Inlay Bands have a 20% of MSRP restock fee. 

Warranty Claims: Will be treated as follows: Each Elysium Band is protected by a Manufacturer’s Warranty for the first calendar year of purchase. Should anything happen to the band within that time frame, Elysium will replace the band at no extra cost. All Claims made after the first year will incur the same restocking fees listed above: Reverse Inlays for 20% of MSRP, and all other bands for $125 + tax. For this Warranty to be valid, all possible parts of the band must be returned to Elysium where reasonable. This includes Precious Metal Inlays and Stone Settings. If the Stone or Inlay is missing, we will charge for cost of materials for its replacement. 


Every Band is Warranted against defect within the first calendar year of sale. 

All Reverse Inlay Bands (Precious Metal Edges) are subject to a 20% of MSRP restock fee if outside that first year. 

All Other Bands (Diamond Edges) will incur a $125 + tax restock fee if outside that first year. 

If the band has added features (Inlay, Stone, etc.) all parts must be returned to avoid extra fees.

All Size Exchanges will be charged shipping. Warranties will be shipped Ground at no cost. Proof of Purchase must be provided in all cases. 

Custom Engravings: Custom changes or additions to the ring, such as Custom Laser Designs, Void the First Free Size Exchange and will be assessed the $125 + tax restock fee for ring replacement. Customers are also responsible for costs to re-engrave per size exchange. Costs are $150 + tax per engraving for re-engraving the interior and $300 + tax per engraving for re-engraving the exterior.

Care: Your Elysium ring requires little to no maintenance/cleaning like other fine jewelry featuring diamonds or gemstones. Elysium Black Diamond rings are durable, but not indestructible. Please treat with care as with any fine jewelry. Sometimes, a material the ring comes in contact with can stay on the ring. This may appear to be a scratch, but can be easily removed with sandpaper or Scotch Brite. 

Notes: Warranty does not cover normal wear. Elysium may substitute a similar style for discontinued styles. Elysium is not responsible for sentimental value of the original jewelry. Please note, shipping costs to Elysium including return shipping are clients responsibility.