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Whether you decide to visit with us in person or virtually, we’ve found that there are many variables to consider when purchasing your next piece of fine jewelry. Thus, nothing replaces the opportunity to meet with you and your partner face to face. We’ve seamlessly blended the best of online and offline shopping, allowing you and your partner to share your story with us on a more personable level. Collaborate with our team and receive one-on-one expert guidance as you create your truly special piece.

Traditional jewelry stores often take their in-stock rings, place in-stock stones inside them, then resize to the desired ring size. The result is a piece that looks good, but not as good as it could be. Think of it like buying a wedding dress off the rack vs. tailored. In the world of fine jewelry, similar tailoring exists to ensure a cohesive look and feel no matter the design, finger size, or dimensions of your center stone. Whether or not you decide to personalize your selected piece of fine jewelry, our made-to-order approach allows us to make your ring to your exact finger size and to the unique dimensions of your center stone from day one.

No - there is no minimum spend to work with us.

Yes! We get this question frequently, and rest assured, most of our clients choose to come in together for at least the first appointment to browse designs together. Some choose to go through the whole process together from start to finish, while others prefer to get their partners input and then finalize details solo. There is no wrong way to do this, and we will be there every step of the way!

In short, no. While we prefer to work with origin guaranteed diamonds like lab-grown or mined from Canada, as a custom jeweler, we will work with our clients if they would prefer an alternative type of diamond or gemstone. As a default, all of our ring and other jewelry pricing is based off of lab-grown diamonds.

After an order is placed, all engagement rings take between 5-6 weeks for completion.

While we can't rush a custom piece, we do have a few options for our local clients looking for a ring as soon as possible. Get in touch with us to learn more!


We encourage you to personalize your design and will not add a by-the-hour fee or add additional line items. In order to account for additional precious metals, stones, and labor associated with personalizations we will refresh your quote after modifications.

Select diamond engagement rings and wedding bands come with the jewelry industry's best lifetime service plan. This comprehensive repair coverage means everything is covered. If you’re moving outside of the Madison area, your lifetime service plan will follow you wherever you go. There is no deductible and shipping is covered both ways. For additional information, click here.

Due to our intimate showroom experience, we do not offer on-site repairs and maintenance services. Under your lifetime service plan, you can expect future maintenance and repair services to be complete in 3 weeks. To book an assessment for maintenance and repair services, click here.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us to make things right.

All personalized fine jewelry sales are final. For non-custom/personalized, made-to-order fine jewelry, you may return the item with its original documentation within 30 days of purchase for an in-store credit or exchange only. This will be equal to the total amount paid, less any applicable shipping fees. Store credits or exchanges will not be issued for items that are returned to us more than 30 days after purchase and/or are in a non-original, worn, altered, or damaged condition. For additional information, click here.


A lab-grown diamond is a diamond. It is chemically, optically, and physically identical to a mined diamond. The difference is where they are grown. Mined diamonds are formed in the earth's mantle, while lab-grown diamonds are grown above ground, in a laboratory.

Lab-grown diamonds are absolutely, 100% conflict and blood free.

Lab-grown diamonds require zero mining.

Lab-grown diamonds cost up to 40% less than comparable mined diamonds, which means you can get a bigger, better diamond, or opt to save money.

There are many variables to consider when purchasing your next piece of fine jewelry, like metal quality, finger size, stone type and shape, and more. We've found our online clients prefer to learn about the options available to them while building that connection with us, and to us, that's a win-win. Just send us an email to get started. We'll make it fun, promise!

We ship domestically to all 50 States in the U.S. For all engagement rings, we ship complimentary 2-day Air with signature required.