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The Jewelry Experience Reimagined For The Modern Couple

Love notes from our clients


Whether you decide to visit with us in person or virtually, we’ve found that there are many variables to consider when purchasing your next piece of fine jewelry. Thus, nothing replaces the opportunity to meet with you and your partner face to face. We’ve seamlessly blended the best of online and offline shopping, allowing you and your partner to share your story with us on a more personable level. Collaborate with our team and receive one-on-one expert guidance as you create your truly special piece.

Traditional jewelry stores often take their in-stock rings, place in-stock stones inside them, then resize to the desired ring size. The result is a piece that looks good, but not as good as it could be. Think of it like buying a wedding dress off the rack vs. tailored. In the world of fine jewelry, similar tailoring exists to ensure a cohesive look and feel no matter the design, finger size, or dimensions of your center stone. Whether or not you decide to personalize your selected piece of fine jewelry, our made-to-order approach allows us to make your ring to your exact finger size and to the unique dimensions of your center stone from day one.

No - there is no minimum spend to work with us.

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