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March 20, 2019 2 min read

Due to the rising popularity of rose gold, not only in women’s engagement rings and wedding bands, but also in demand by males, Elysium black diamond wedding bands now elegantly feature rose gold inlays! This blend of masculine, dark, and bold features synonymous with the patented Elysium solid diamond construction, now offers the warmth of complementary rose gold hues.   


This is an exciting new addition, because rose gold was not previously available as an inlay option. Until recently, only yellow gold and silver were able to be in-laid within Elysium’s powerful grip.

Also, platinum is now an available option as another white metal option to inlay for a classic Elysium black and white look. The introduction of platinum and optional silver inlay will further enhance the luxurious feel of Elysium wedding bands.

What we’re most excited about is the mokume-gane rose gold inlays now offered in Elysium rings. Never before has such a unique and ancient nature-inspired pattern been re-imagined into a fashionable technological feat made of solid diamond. So what is mokume-gane?

Mokume Gane Rose Gold and black diamond wedding band

Ancient Japanese sword makers innovated a unique metalsmithing technique called mokume-gane pronounced (mo KOO may GAH nay). The painstaking goal was to achieve a wood grain pattern of striation using both non-precious and precious metal alloys, including silver, gold, and platinum. This phenomenal technique of metal-lamination was produced by actually taking various metals, heating them up to malleable temperatures, then flattening, bending, and layering the multi-colored metal alloys together. The result was indeed a nature inspired “wood grain” effect of interwoven alloys not commonly fused together in such form and unique pattern. In fact, legend has it that this ancient Japanese method was used to adorn and decorate samurai warriors swords!

The incredible strength of mokume is now available in Elysium black diamond wedding bands. The subtle, yet intricate design of this inlay pairs surprisingly well with the various finish options of Elysium. What do you think of this intricate and beautiful design?

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