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March 20, 2019 2 min read

Let’s take a deeper look into one of the world's most interesting materials, re-imagined for a different purpose from what you may be used to.

When you think of diamonds, you probably think of a colorless gemstone adorning a fine piece of jewelry. Typically, diamonds are treated with the utmost respect due to their exclusivity, prestige, and value.

As you may already know, diamonds have been used on an industrial scale for decades, used in manufacturing, oil digging/drilling, cutting tools like saw blades, medical and dental industries, aerospace, and other high tech fields.

Experience the dark side of luxury. Thanks to over 15+ years and $20+ million invested into research and development, similar technology is now available to consumers to wear as a symbolic wedding ring, made exclusively through Elysium.

Elysium black diamond wedding bands are truly one-of-a-kind. There’s finally a masculine diamond option for men to wear, enjoy, and take pride in.

Each Elysium wedding ring is made of approximately 25 million individual laboratory grown diamond crystals, which equates to about 15 carats to 25 carats of solid laboratory-grown diamond crystal per ring. 

A patented and proprietary process uses a high pressure high temperature cubic press, commonly referred to as an HPHT apparatus. These machines are between 1 to 1.5 stories tall and would take up the equivalent of a master bedroom in overall size. Side note, these presses are the same used to actually grow the laboratory grown diamond crystals. These individual laboratory grown diamond crystals are then subjected to 1 million pounds per square inch of asymmetrical pressure! Just think about that, it’s the equivalent to turning Eiffel tower upside down on its point! So why are Elysium rings black? Because of the next step in production subjects the diamond crystals to temperatures which are raised to over 2,500℉, which quite literally sinter and fuse together these lab-grown diamond crystals into an opaque and black material. Unlike a traditional diamond which is transparent and allows light to enter and exit, Elysium rings allow for zero light to enter or exit. So in other words, an Elysium ring is quite literally a solid chunk of diamond! 

Even still, you may be wondering if it’s seriously diamond, right? Well, Elysium rings test as a diamond on a thermal diamond tester.

Diamond is the greatest heat transferer in the world, in fact, it’s four times greater than copper. This is commonly referred to as  thermal conductivity. So when you take an Elysium diamond ring and touch it to ice, you can feel the instantaneous temperature change transfer to your fingers and see the ice melt before your eyes.

Did you know that diamond is eight times harder than tungsten? Diamond is the hardest material in the world. In fact, it’s a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale!

Proprietary technology now creates a multi-crystal black diamond matrix that is hypoallergenic, lightweight, resists scratching, lasts forever, and maintains an artisan sheen that never fades, dulls, or changes appearance. Clickhere to learn more about diamonds durability.

Click for our Elysium Black Diamond collection.

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