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December 28, 2022 2 min read

Choosing the perfect ring is an important decision because the ring is a reflection of the personal values, style, and love that you are sharing with your partner. Thus, you must make the decision based on the trends at the time to ensure that you and your partner’s styles are being reflected. 

Another important thing that you must consider before choosing the ring is the budget. Different styles of rings have different price tags. Thus you must decide on various designs and narrow your choices based on your style and available budget. The entire process of selection can be a gut-wrenching process that makes you anxious, but this nervousness can be avoided if you have an idea about the trending styles and where you should start your search for those styles. 

The following are the trending ring styles you can consider when choosing the ring that will last you and your partner a lifetime. These trends are appropriate for the year 2022 and specifically focus on the ring types trending in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Trending ring styles you can consider when choosing an engagement ring

1. Solitaire 

The solitaire is a timeless piece that is always in style. The minimalistic nature of this piece makes it a part of the trends for the year 2022. Another important thing about this piece is that it can easily be passed down to the next generation without the piece going out of style. Thus, if you are looking for a minimalistic piece, this will be the right option for you. 

2. Gender neutral rings 

Another type of ring that has recently emerged on the scene and is now readily available is the gender-neutral ring. This style of ring will not only be readily available this year but will continue to increase in popularity in the coming years as well. Thus, it makes it a perfect choice of ring for your partner. 

3. Coloured stones

The popularity of coloured gemstones seems to be increasing this year. Various jewelers have reported the fact that the sales of engagement rings with coloured gemstones have increased during this year. This trend is also being followed by many celebrities, and despite it being a bold move for a wedding ring, the popularity of this is not going to lessen any time soon.

4. Oval shapes 

Oval-shaped rings are also making a comeback this year, and it is expected that their popularity will continue to increase with the new generation because of their sleek design. Due to the design of this ring, the stone is elevated further, making the ring speak for itself. 

5. Halo rings 

Halo rings have also maintained their popularity  having endured the test of time, they continue to be the choice for many young couples. The design adds a little sparkle to the overall look of the ring. This is clearly the best choice for people who have a tight budget and are looking to get something more from the ring they have. The stones on the band draw attention towards the main center stone and hence make it look bigger than it truly is.