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December 25, 2022 3 min read

Often in the run up to the wedding, the engagement ring is the most essential item. However, the wedding band for the groom, which in earlier times, was more of an afterthought, is quickly becoming an important item for consideration. As such, choosing the right one for the groom, mainly because it is an item that should last a lifetime, is a serious decision. 

Choosing from a wide array of options is no easy task. Let us help you decide what makes the perfect wedding band for a man. 

There are a few distinctions between the available wedding bands, and an important one is whether to choose a diamond one or not. Let’s consider a diamond wedding band, first. 

Diamond Wedding Band:

For a diamond wedding band, you have two vital options: Lab-Grown Diamonds or Naturally Sourced Diamonds. 

The former is often misconstrued as being "fake"; however, that is not the case. They're made using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), reproducing the natural conditions necessary to produce diamonds. As such, these diamonds are not only cheaper, but also are often prettier than naturally sourced ones. 

If you end up going for a natural diamond, there are plenty of options. As opposed to a women's band, a men's diamond band has the diamond as a complementary feature rather than being the spotlight. As such, it is often embedded within the material itself to enhance the overall style of the band. 

Now that you've considered whether or not you want to have diamonds, the next step is to choose the metal. 

Material for the Band:

Gold, Silver, and Platinum are the usual choices for a man's wedding band, and their designs can vary according to your preference. They are also chosen depending on whether the band has diamonds or not. Of course, platinum would cost more than silver, but the overall style is completely left to your discretion. You can also choose the metal in a couple of colors or even have a combination of metals to add to the look of the band. 

Once you've chosen the main components, the next thing to do is choose the width of the band. 

wedding band style for men

Width of the Band:

Men's bands can have a couple of different variations in width. Most often, if you like subtlety, the best option to go for would be a thinner band. It would also be more cost-effective, and you can improve its style by going for more precious or unique metals and even adding diamonds to it. 

A greater width is the right option for something to actually stand out, that you really want to show the band’s style. Usually with a wider band, a more subtle design is preferred because the thickness of the band already adds to the discreet flamboyance. 

While these are the most common variations to choose from, another thing to consider may be the color of the band. This depends on the metal you choose, but certain styles like the Elysium Black Diamond allow for a black band with diamonds, that would truly set you apart. 

Finally, there may not be one right band for every man; however, with these variations in mind and considerations depending on your style, you can choose the perfect one for you. You can check outour collection to choose the perfect band. Keep in mind there's no wrong option, and any of these can be perfect for your wedding. It'll certainly be a cherished piece of jewelery that you can be sure will be there 'till death do you part!