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September 17, 2022 4 min read

Choosing an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. You must consider several factors to ensure that you have the perfect ring to propose to. One of the often overlooked aspects of buying an engagement ring is the wearer’s hand. While engagement rings can look astonishing inside the box, you have to make sure that it looks as good on the hand. This guide will show you how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand.


Know Your Hand Shape

You must identify your hand shape to use as a guide for choosing the right ring. There are several characteristics of your hand that you must consider such as the length and width of the fingers and the size of the hand. The nails are a part of the hand, so you must consider that. Longer nails have an elongating effect on the fingers, too.

If possible, take time to fit and wear the ring to assess how good it looks on the hand. Certain rings look appealing in the display case but might look differently when worn. The jeweler can help guide you through this process. Make sure to ask for their assistance in selecting the right style for your hand. Based on their expertise and experience, they can make appropriate recommendations to suit your hand. 

Another factor to consider when choosing an engagement ring is the fit of the ring. When the ring is not sized correctly, it won’t look good on the fingers even when the style is picked for your hand type. 

know what kind of engagement rings suitable for your hand shape

Engagement Rings for Small Hands

Petite hands are easy to shop for. There are several options for this type of hand and you don’t need a large gemstone to make the ring stand out. Even with smaller stones, a ring will look magnificent with delicate fingers and hands. 

The most important factor when choosing an engagement ring for small hands is to keep it simple. Avoid designs that are too elaborate. The ideal choice of engagement ring for petite hands is a round, brilliant-cut ring with a solitaire setting. This style of an engagement ring makes your petite hands look more elegant. 

Engagement Rings for Large Hands

It is challenging to shop for engagement rings for large hands because the ring has to stand out visually. If the ring and the gemstone are too small, large hands can take the attention away from the ring. You have to strike a balance between making sure that the ring grabs attention without being too dramatic. 

If you cannot afford to buy an engagement ring with a large gemstone, you can choose from various settings that will make the ring more appealing on large hands. A three-stone setting is an ideal choice for large hands because it attracts attention without being overwhelmed in size. You can also choose a halo setting because it accents the gemstone. Another great option is the vintage and cluster setting because it makes the ring look more pronounced. 

Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

Women with long fingers are lucky because there are several choices of rings to complement their hands. You can opt for a simple and classic style or something bold and creative. Both styles will look best on those with long fingers whereas they might not look as good with other types of hands.

If you want to make a classic statement, you can go for a round and brilliant cut gemstone as it looks elegant with long fingers. You can also make a few heads turn with other ring styles like cushion cut, Asscher cut, and princess cut gemstones or diamonds. A tension style setting provides an astonishing look to the engagement ring on your long fingers.

Meanwhile, avoid vertically-cut diamonds like marquise or oval. These engagement ring styles can make your fingers look longer, which takes attention away from the ring.

Engagement Rings For Short Fingers

If you have short fingers, choose engagement rings that make them appear longer and slimmer. You can create the illusion of length with elongated and vertically-cut shaped gemstones, such as emerald, marquise, and oval cuts. These gemstone cuts make your fingers appear slimmer and longer through visual illusion. These cuts also bring focus towards the gemstone, particularly highlighting its brilliance. 

engagement rings that make short fingers appear longer and slimmer

Engagement Rings for Slim Fingers

Slim fingers require engagement ring styles that are simple and elegant. If you choose over-the-top ring styles, it can easily overwhelm the dainty fingers. It would be a waste to spend too much money on giant gemstones when they won’t complement the size of the wearer’s fingers.

A classic style setting is an ideal option because it provides a glamorous accent without being too bold. You can also choose an engagement ring with a thicker band to make the fingers look wider. 


Engagement Rings for Wide Fingers

Chubby or wide fingers are one of the most difficult types of hands to shop for engagement rings. The width takes away the elegance of the most delicate engagement rings.

Choose a larger engagement ring for this type of hand. Make sure that you minimize the amount of skin that is shown on either side of the gemstone. Opting for a high-carat diamond (if you have the budget for it) is a smart choice as the gemstone’s brilliance can take the attention away from the chubby fingers. Three-stone and cluster settings are also recommended for those with wide fingers. 

The Bottom Line

Still unsure about the style of the engagement ring to suit your hand? Don’t be afraid to ask an expert for advice. Buying an engagement ring is a special occasion, so you want to get it right the first time. Buying a ring is like buying clothes. You want to know your measurements first to pick the right size of clothes to buy. No matter how good the clothes look, ill-fitting clothes will never look good on you. 

The same is true of ill-fitting rings, which is why you need to take your time and consider the different styles and settings. A professional jeweler will be willing to work with you throughout the selection process to ensure that you have the correct ring size to suit your hand.