Elysium ARES Black Diamond Wedding Band with Black Diamond Inset, Beveled, Polished, Matte, Satin, 8 MM

  • The ARES Elysium Black Diamond wedding band has a beveled profile and a black diamond inset in the center of the band. All Elysium bands are comprised of 100% lab-grown diamond crystals, making it the only solid diamond band in the world. Choose from a finish of Matte, Satin, or Polished. There is nothing else like Elysium BLACK Diamond. It is more enduring than titanium, harder than tungsten and its timeless luster and beauty will outlast silver, gold and platinum. The only material that can scratch it is another diamond.
    Please see below for the benefits of this amazing ring:
    Won't fade or dull
    Can be broken off for emergency removal
    Approximate Band Width: 8mm
    Thickness: 2 MM - 2.3 MM, depending on size