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March 22, 2019 2 min read

This long, crazy winter is finally over and we are so ready to welcome spring with its longer days, sunnier skies, and fresh new colors! With a new season comes new trends, and we're thrilled to introduce some top engagement ring designs that you may be seeing more of these next few months.  


East west engagement rings

The East-West design is relatively new, and increasing in popularity. We've seen an emerald-cut stone, whether diamond, colored gemstone or moissanite, be the top choice when choosing an east-west design. We've also noticed that most brides-to-be who want an east-west style choose a simple, sleek band. This helps the center stone to really stand out and keep it classic. Many of our engagement ring collections can be modified to an east-west, so just give us a shout if you're curious!

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold engagement ring

*24-karat magic in the aiiiir* Okay, maybe not 24 karat (it's too soft to wear for an engagement ring!), but yellow gold is making a comeback in a big way. In fact, about 1/3 of our engagement ring purchases are yellow gold. White metals (white gold, platinum or palladium) are still the top choice, but yellow gold (whether 14k or 18k) is next in line. It's warmer hues look great on many skin tones, and it's naturally yellow, no plating needed!


Geometric v shaped engagement ring 

Geometric shapes have been crushing it lately in the engagement ring world. Brides are seeking out something completely unique, and shapes like squares, triangles, baguettes and half-moons are increasingly coming up in conversations. Above, this custom ring was requested by a bride-to-be who wanted a v-shaped (or chevron) ring, and incorporating a pear-shaped diamond. The bezel-set look helped to keep the overall aesthetic sleek and modern. 

What's your favorite spring style? Would you rock an east-west ring? How about yellow gold? Comment below! 

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