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March 09, 2018 2 min read

We are so excited to announce our newest styles of engagement rings added to our collection! Not only that, but we have given them names. As we continually add new styles to our website, we can't keep calling them generic descriptions. They're too pretty for that! Without further ado, meet the latest lovelies to join the SDC team:


Cushion cut halo engagement ring

The Adelaide is a halo-style engagement ring with small lab-grown diamonds set on the band and around the halo. It's shown here set with a 1.50 carat cushion-cut lab-grown diamond. However, we can set Adelaide with any size or shape diamond or gemstone. Pear, oval, round, you name it! 


Bypass style engagement ring white goldThe Amalie has been getting a lot of attention lately and for good reason; she's unique and gorgeous! Some have said she resembles a rose beginning to bloom. The band reaches up to embrace the center stone, and each side of the band is draped with lab-grown side stones. We can also set Amalie with an oval or cushion shaped stone. If you're looking for a unique ring that will have everybody talking, check out Amalie!


Vintage inspired solitaire engagement ring

The Elizabeth is a vintage-inspired solitaire with beautiful scrollwork along the sides of the band and a peekaboo diamond below the center stone. On the top of the band, there are prong-set lab-grown diamond side stones. It is pictured here set with a square-cut diamond, but Elizabeth can also be set with a round, cushion, emerald, or square-cut stone. 


Vintage inspired halo engagement ring

Isabelle is a vintage inspired square-shaped halo engagement ring, like Maisie, but with more adornment on the band. It has scrollwork on either side of the band, and three side stones on either side of the top of the band. It is shown here set with a 1.00 carat round lab-grown diamond, and can also be set an oval, cushion, emerald or square-cut stone. 


Infinity inspired engagement ring

The Lillienne is a romantic solitaire that features an infinity-inspired band set with pave lab-grown diamonds. It also has a "peekaboo" diamond when viewed from the side. The Lillienne can also be set with a cushion, oval, emerald, or square cut diamond or gemstone. 


vintage inspired halo ring

Maisie is a sweet halo style vintage inspired ring. The halo is a rounded square and is shown here set with a 0.80 carat round diamond, and can also be set with an oval, square, emerald, or cushion cut stone. 


Which new styles is your favorite?


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