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January 23, 2018 2 min read

Over time, different ring styles, diamond shapes, and metal colors ebb and flow with popularity. These past few years, we've seen rose gold rise in popularity, along with fancy shaped diamonds like pear and oval. It's likely these trends will remain so for the next few years. But what is going to be big in 2018? See below for our favorite style and color trends for this new year!

Colored Gemstones

Soha Diamond Co Chatham emerald engagement ring

Colored gemstones are here in a BIG way, and our lab-grown gemstones provide an affordable alternative to diamonds. Deep, richly colored stones like emerald, ruby, and blue sapphire are most popular, and many times have a special meaning, like a birth month or anniversary. Softer, romantic colored stones like Morganite or Champagne Sapphire are also very popular and look beautiful on many different skin tones. See more of our lab-grown gemstone rings. 

Three-Stone Rings

Soha Diamond Co. three stone engagement rings

Three-Stone styles have always been around, but with the recent engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it has seen a surge in popularity that will continue into 2018. There are many ways to make a three stone ring, including using different shapes of diamonds, adding halos, or keeping it simple with the same shape and size of stones. We can custom make any three-stone engagement ring, like the ones you see above on the left and right. We also have a ready to wear option on our website here. The nice thing with a three-stone is that you can make it totally unique to you. Perhaps you'd like a larger pear-cut diamond in the center, flanked by two smaller round diamonds (above, left). Maybe you'd like a round diamond as the center, and two smaller emerald-cut blue sapphires surrounding it. The possibilities are endless! Email us to get started on a custom three-stone ring. 

Unique Band Styles

Soha Diamond Co. unique wedding bands

Sometimes, a simple band just won't do. We've seen a rise in request for a more unique style band and mounting. Our Chicago and Madison (above) showcase some personality, without distracting from the main attraction: the diamond! Other suggestions for a unique touch are our Verona Solitaire, which features a peekaboo infinity symbol, and our Lillienne solitaire, which has an infinity-inspired band. Are you sensing a theme here?

Do you have a favorite trend you've seen for 2018? Do you have a unique request that you'd like featured in your ring? Email us your thoughts! We haven't been stumped yet! 


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