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January 09, 2018 2 min read

Buying online in today's world is becoming the new normal, but what about buying a once-in-a-lifetime custom piece? Today we talk to our client Kaitlin about her decision to buy online, why she chose lab-grown vs. mined, and her thoughts on some common wedding do's and don'ts. 

1. When did you and your fiancé get engaged? 

We were engaged this past September of 2017. My now-fiancé Kyle proposed while we were hiking at one of our favorite hills. At the top of the hill we stopped to take in the view, and when I looked over he was down on one knee! It was an amazing moment. Of course I said yes!

2. Was the proposal a complete surprise?

We had designed the ring together, but I did not know when specifically he would ask me. It was a surprise!

3. Did you always want to be a part of the engagement ring process?

Yes! I told him I had a specific style I was going for, and he suggested we both be a part of the designing process. I loved that idea. The proposal can still be a surprise, but I loved the fact that we both had a hand in the actual ring.

4. Was a lab-grown diamond always in consideration?

Yes, from the very start. I love the fact that I know where it came from, and the environment and people were not compromised in the making of my diamond. I was only considering lab-grown diamonds.

5. How did you decide to buy online vs. in a store?

Both of us did a lot of research on who could make us a custom ring, and who carried lab-grown diamonds. Most brick and mortar stores do not carry them, so we started searching more online. The list got narrower as we started to figure out who sold lab-grown diamonds (not alternatives), could do custom work, who was reputable, and overall the whole image of the business. We felt comfortable buying online if they fit all of the above and also had a warranty in case we needed it. 

6. Buying a ring online isn't quite the "norm" yet. Are there other unconventional things you two plan on doing for your upcoming wedding?

I think we're both a bit unique in that we don't feel we have to do what's been done over and over in order to have a beautiful wedding. For example, we're not doing some traditional wedding things like the bouquet or garter toss, having matching bridesmaids and groomsmen, and we're also not having a traditional wedding cake. But we ARE having doughnuts! 

7. Tell us more about your ring! 

Once we decided on Soha Diamond Co., I showed them some photos of ideas I was thinking of. I wanted a halo effect, but not an entire halo. So we came up with an open-halo of sorts, with diamonds on the band, as well. It's such a unique ring and I've never seen anybody with a ring quite like it! 

 Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Kaitlin! Do you have a Soha Story you'd like to share with us? We'd love to feature you! Email us here to get started. 

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