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We know, you JUST got this gorgeous new ring and it's so beautiful you never want to take it off. However, there are times where you really should, to better protect it. This may be easier if you have a pretty ring dish to store it on, too! Read below for five times you should remove your ring.

In The Shower

Any time you use soap, shampoo, or any other beauty products, it can cause a buildup on, or under, your stone. You can always clean your ring, but it might not help much if there is a lot of build up under the stone or in the prongs, which could eventually lead to loosening of the stones. It's best to get in the routine of taking it off pre-shower, and placing it in a ring box or dish. 

 Going Swimming

Whether you'll be swimming in an ocean, lake, or a pool, never wear your ring! Cold temperatures can cause your finger to shrink and the ring to easily slip off, never to be seen again. Chlorine, which is present in pools and spas, is not good for the metal and could discolor it. It's best to just leave your ring at home before a fun day out in the water!

 Going to the Gym

If you plan on lifting weights or participating in contact sports, it's best to leave your ring at home or remove it beforehand. The weights may scratch the metal and the stones, causing them to potentially fall out. And, as you can imagine, your ring may cause harm to you and/or others during contact sports.  


Remove your ring before any type of cleaning to avoid potential run-ins with bleach, ammonia, or other cleaning ingredients. These can seriously damage the metal of the ring and cause discoloration. Also, you'll avoid any potential damage to your ring if it were to get banged around on surfaces. 


Bacteria can easily be lodged into the ring setting, so avoid wearing your ring when prepping to cook your food. Also, you'll avoid the potential of accidentally losing your ring down the drain if you'll be doing a lot of washing. 


Better to be safe than sorry, we say! Follow these guidelines, and your ring will be much better protected against potential damage. Also, check out this great article on Jewelry Safety Tips from our friends at Jeweler's Mutual. 

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