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February 21, 2019 1 min read

Sarah and Alex had been together for over five years and during that time experienced so much together; finishing school, vacations, a cross-country move, an addition of two fur-babies, and the start of new careers. While they had already achieved so much together, Alex knew from the beginning that he wanted to be with Sarah forever. So while they were planning a trip to attend a friend's wedding, Alex was planning something a little different, and he'd need a little help pulling it off. 

 While they were on their Delta flight, the Pilot started making an announcement about the flight and how this was a special day. Unbeknownst to Sarah, Alex had slipped the flight attendant a note and she had passed it along to the Pilot, Suddenly, the Pilot announced that this day was especially important to Sarah and Alex, and when Sarah looked to Alex to check if she had heard that correctly, he was in the aisle, down on one knee, with the gorgeous ring in hand. She said yes, and everyone around them cheered. The attendants took photos, and after they landed, the Pilot had them sit in the cockpit to take some really special photos. 

We worked with Sarah and Alex together to create this beautiful heirloom, which is a classic four-prong solitaire, set with an almost three-carat cushion-cut lab-grown diamond. 

delta airplane proposal

cushion cut diamond solitaire ring

Congratulations you two! 

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