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June 14, 2018 2 min read

While we are halfway through 2018, it's very clear what styles and designs are top of mind for those looking for wedding bands this year. When one thinks about jewelry, typically a woman's necklace or ring comes to mind. However, around the world, men's jewelry is a huge piece of the puzzle. Since the ancient times, men used jewelry for self-expression and as a symbol of status, and since then, different styles and designs have been introduced, repurposed, or have come back in style. So today, what are some trending styles to look for? We'll show you our top requested styles of this year. 


Two-Tone Wedding Bands

We consistently get asked about two-tone color bands, both in precious and contemporary metal varieties. The most popular colors are white with yellow gold and white with rose gold, however darker metals like black tungsten with rose or yellow gold are becoming increasingly popular as well. 

Contact us today to talk further about what style or design will be the best fit for you!

Rose gold men's band

Precious Metal Bands with Designs

Unique designs are becoming increasingly popular with gold or platinum wedding bands. Sculptural-inspired designs are big, as are finishes like hammered, ice and milgrain. 

Below: Sculptural-Inspired Wedding Band

yellow gold men's wedding band

Bands with Unique Inlays

An inlay in a wedding band means that material is placed, whether that be wood, carbon fiber, or a plethora of other options, around the circumference of the band. Inlays give the chance to display your own unique style easily and affordably. While wood and carbon fiber inlays are the top choices, meteorite is also creeping toward the top of the list. 

Elysium Black Diamond Inlay Bands 

men's wedding band with meteorite inlay


What is your favorite men's wedding band style?

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