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October 25, 2017 2 min read

If you're starting to look around for an engagement ring, chances are you've thought about diamond shapes and which ones you're drawn to. Let's talk a bit more about these "fancy shapes" and how common, or uncommon, they are. 


First, we have the classic round cut diamond. This cut is going nowhere, and continues to be the most popular year after year, due to its brilliant cut allowing for a gorgeous display of light. In fact, about 70% of all engagement ring diamonds are round cut. This cut is the way to go if you appreciate classics and want a diamond that will fit virtually any setting. Click here to see all of our engagement ring settings. 

Double Halo Ring


The second most popular cut is a relative newcomer to this top 5 list and has been growing rapidly in popularity; the oval cut. It's getting so much attention lately because the oval shape slenderizes the finger and has similar brilliance as the round cut. 

oval cut solitaire ring


The emerald cut diamond is third on the list, and like the oval, its elongated shape slenderizes the finger and it a really elegant shape. The emerald cut is a romantic shape and perfect for both solitaire and halo settings. 

Emerald Cut Engagement ring


The cushion is a cut that's been around for centuries. It looks beautiful nestled in a halo setting, and is a square shape with rounded edges. 

Cushion cut halo ring



Last but not least is the princess cut diamond, a favorite for those who favor traditional glamour. The princess cut is square, while still allowing almost the same brilliance as a round cut. Look for a setting that has the prongs on all four corners of the diamond to protect it from damage. Most of our engagement rings can be set with a square-shaped stone. 

Princess cut solitaire

Which of these diamond shapes are your favorite? Are there fancy shapes not on this list that you love, like the pear-cut, or marquise? Let us know below! 

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