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December 07, 2017 1 min read

It's not always easy to take some of the eccentric runway trends and apply to every day wear, but this season, there are some popular colors that can be easily incorporated with jewelry.


Red Hot

Bright red is the "it" color of the winter season, and lab-grown rubies are the perfect way to wear this color. Vogue Paris mentions that red is a classic color, yet there are ways to style it in a modern way. For example, mixing rose gold metals is a unique touch, or wearing rubies in fancy shapes, like pear or oval. Click here to see our gemstone jewelry available with lab-grown rubies, or email us for something custom or modified. 

Lab-Grown Chatham Ruby Jewelry



Navy is a huge color this season, and while it can vary in shades, Blue Sapphire comes close to this darker hue. Our lab-grown blue sapphires are rich in color, varying in three shades: light, medium, and dark. Most of our jewelry is set with medium to dark shades, but we can easily modify a design with a lighter shade if needed. Blue sapphires are the September birthstone, but they are also gaining in popularity as a "something blue" for a engagement ring or anniversary stone. Click here to see our lab-grown gemstone jewelry, or email us to get started on a custom or modified design! 

lab-grown Chatham blue sapphire

Autumn Maple

This orangey hue mixed with tawny and russet is hard to match with jewelry, but wood-like colors will do the trick! The Iowa black ceramic band with cherry wood inlay is a great match. See more of it here. 

iowa black ceramic and cherry wood inlay band


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