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February 15, 2019 2 min read

If you've been one of the many who have enjoyed Marie Kondo's new Netflix special, you're familiar with the phrase "spark joy." Marie encourages you to review your current items at home that do not spark joy within yourself, and if they don't, you thank it and let it go (Thank u, next if you will). This way of thinking could be applied to just about anything, including jewelry. Take a look at your own current jewelry collection, and then take a moment to reflect on how each piece makes you feel. If you still feel an excitement or happiness toward a certain piece, then you can feel confident keeping it in your collection. Below are our favorite pieces that spark joy this year.

Emerald cut emerald three stone ring

Our three-stone emerald-cut ring has been the most talked about gemstone ring in 2018 and is one of our top-liked social media posts. The vivid, lush green color and the clean lines of the step-cut emerald seriously sets our hearts a-flutter and will continue to do so for a long time. This ring can also be set with a variety of stone types, shapes and sizes. 

Classic solitaire Moissanite necklace

This classic solitaire necklace set with a moissanite stone will never, ever go out of style, making it an easy one to fall in love with. Wear it on a fancy night out or keep it casual, it will go splendidly with any outfit. 

pear cut champagne sapphire earring pink sapphireThese pear-shaped gemstone earrings are a fun take on gemstone stud earrings, and come in a variety of lab-grown gemstones, like pink or champagne sapphire, emerald, ruby and blue sapphire. The pear-shape (teardrop) of the stone mixed with the milgrain beading of the setting keeps it interesting yet traditional. 

Do you have pieces in your collection that spark joy? Tell us about them below!

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