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April 02, 2019 2 min read

Sometimes, for various reasons, we get requests to repurpose existing jewelry (typically wedding rings) into something brand new. While every request is different, we are delighted to help take existing metal or stones and incorporate into a new and special design. It also gives the chance to have "something old, something new" for a wedding!

For this request, our client had a total of three rings she wanted to repurpose into two new and different rings. Luckily, the existing three rings provided enough metal to melt down and reuse. For one ring, she wanted to combine five of the biggest existing diamonds, and we provided five Chatham round blue sapphires in matching sizes. Sapphire is her birthstone, so she wanted to incorporate it into her "main" ring, and loved the idea of a two-stone ring with complementary side stones. She wanted a white metal, so since her existing rings were yellow gold, we rhodium dipped them both to achieve that look. 

For her second ring, she wanted a simple band with the existing diamonds in it, and we added a few more diamonds of the same size to get her a little more sparkle. There was one slightly bigger diamond than the others, so we raised it in a basket, and the remaining diamonds are gypsy set (flush with the band). 

Repurposing older jewelry into new pieces isn't always a money saver, as some may assume. If the metal quality is in good condition and can be reused, that indeed does save a little when compared to purchasing new precious metals. However, it's important to factor in other labor costs, like casting, setting, and assembly, and CAD design fees. 

See below for the before and after photos! What do you think? Would you repurpose older jewelry? 

Before and after ring repurposing refurbishment 

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