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December 21, 2017 1 min read

When it comes to wedding attire, many times the last thing that's talked about is the men's band. But with so many different styles, we believe that's nonsense! From modern, to classic, to rustic, there are just so many options. See below for some popular styles!  


When we hear classic, we think precious metals. Smooth, clean lines that will transcend time. 14k or 18k gold are popular choices, and platinum is truly an heirloom-quality metal. It is forever white (no rhodium plating needed), and is one of the world’s strongest and most enduring metals. See our Comfort Fit Round and Comfort Fit Flat styles here. 

Soha Diamond Co. gold wedding bands


Modern styles are popular today, like black bands, those with a unique finish, and inlays. Most of these are contemporary metals, like tungsten and titanium.  To see more our Elysium Black Diamond ring collection, click here. 

black tungsten band with blue tungsten band with carbon fiber inlayHammered tungsten ringsandblasted black tungsten band


Whether you love the outdoors and all it has to offer, or simply like the aesthetic, there are many ways to incorporate that into a band. Below, we have some variations of wood inlaid styles in black and silver styles. If you really love outdoor activities, like fishing or hunting, we can even incorporate pictures onto the band, like deer tracks, a forest skyline, or fish. The options are almost limitless! To see more wood inlays, click here

ceramic wood inlay bandtungsten wooden inlay band

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