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August 07, 2018 2 min read

Each season, Pantone publishes a Fashion Color Trend Report, highlighting which colors the top fashion designers will be using in their upcoming season. How can you showcase these color trends with your everyday wear? Below, we highlight some of the Top 10 color palette hues for Fall/Winter 2018 that match up Chatham's gorgeous lab-grown gemstones.  

All of our grown gemstones are from Chatham, the pioneer of gem growing companies. With their gorgeous, dazzling hues and Lifetime Warranty, they are a fantastic choice for everyday fashion. 

 Read on for the top gems that best match Pantone's 2018 Fall/Winter color trends. 


Chatham Created Alexandrite soha diamond co

Chatham created Alexandrite changes in color from a bluish-green in daylight, to a purplish-red by candlelight, creating the ultimate wow-factor in the gem world. Alexandrite is a birthstone for June and named after Czar Alexander II. It also has a hardness of 8.5, slightly below sapphires and rubies yet still a good choice for an engagement ring. 

Colored-Gemstone Ring Collection

Colored-Gemstone Earring Collection

Blue Sapphire

chatham blue sapphire soha diamond co

Chatham's Blue Sapphires are without a doubt the most popular colored gemstones, and with their gorgeous rich color, it's no wonder why! They come in three shades of blue (light, medium, and dark), so one can easily match with other shades, or wear together. Blue sapphire is September's birthstone and offers that "something blue" in the wedding world. 

Colored-Gemstone Ring Collection

Colored-Gemstone Earring Collection


padparadscha soha diamond co

Padparadscha Sapphire is very rare in nature, so luckily for us, Chatham Created has made it more easily available for us to wear as an everyday gem. If you're not too fond of blue, Padparadscha is an alternative birthstone for the month of September. This fiery color is the rarest of the sapphire family, and with a Lifetime Guarantee, you can wear it every day without worry. 

Colored-Gemstone Ring Collection

Colored-Gemstone Earring Collection


chatham created ruby soha diamond co

 Chatham Created rubies are grown in an environment rich in chromium, which gives it its mouthwatering vivid red color. Almost all of our gemstone jewelry is available set with ruby, and looks beautiful set with white gold or platinum. For a high-contrast look, pair it with yellow gold for an eye-catching piece. 

Colored-Gemstone Ring Collection

Colored-Gemstone Earring Collection

Yellow Sapphire 

chatham created yellow sapphire soha diamond co

Last on this list but certainly not least, is Chatham's Yellow Sapphire. It sparkles with a sunny and radiant color, and is a great option for a yellow diamond alternative. 

Colored-Gemstone Ring Collection

Colored-Gemstone Earring Collection


Which Chatham Created gemstone is your favorite?

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