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December 31, 2019 2 min read

While winter weddings in Wisconsin aren't too common, we must admit there is something magical about them. Maybe it's the romance of the fluffy flakes on the ground or falling from the sky that match the hue of the bridal gown, or the twinkling lights that pop against the quickly setting sun. Maybe it's because we're also partial to a good cup of hot cocoa. Either way, winter weddings are enchanting in their own right, and we're so excited to share some photos from Katie and Ed's celebration, photographed by Blu Moose Photography!

We met Katie and Ed in the early spring of 2017 and had the pleasure of working with them for their engagement ring and wedding bands. These two are so much fun, and there is rarely a conversation that goes by without breaking into laughter. 

 Maple bluff country club madison wi wedding

They met a little later in life than most, but their timing was perfect in finding each other. Ed is originally from New York and Katie Wisconsin. Their wedding, which was held at a Country Club, was full of love and laughter. As a nod to Ed's heritage, he and Katie surprised the crowd (and Ed's mom) with traditional flamenco dancers, as Ed's mom used to be one herself! 

Flamenco dancers at a wedding

For Katie's wedding band, she wanted it to resemble the band of her engagement ring, and have a bit of sparkle so it would complement but not overpower the engagement ring. Her engagement ring is our Chicago design, which has infinity-inspired loops that make up the band. For the wedding band, we made the same loops in the same position so it would match up when worn together. Then to add some sparkle, we added diamonds on one side of the loop, and slightly larger diamonds on the contour (curve) of the band. She wanted to make sure that when she wore both rings, you could still see the diamonds on the contour of her wedding band, so we made sure to make the contour a little wider to accomplish this. Check out the amazing photo below to see the details!

Infinity inspired engagement ring with matching wedding band

For Ed's wedding band, he wanted to use the same metal type as Katie's, so he went with platinum. He liked the look of a flat edge, so we went with a comfort-fit flat band in a larger width, as he wanted to have an engraving on the outside. Since he hails from New York New York, he wanted the New York skyline. We were able to secure a skyline that detailed the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and other prominent buildings that he grew up with. On the inside of the band, he chose the message "Worth The Wait" and their wedding date to engrave. If that's not one of the cutest messages ever, than we're not sure what is! 

New york city skyline engraving wedding band

Men's wedding band engraving 

Custom engagement ring and wedding band madison wi

Thank you so much to Blu Moose Photography for sharing these photos of Katie and Ed's big day! 

Are you inspired now to have a winter wedding yourself? Are you already married and had a winter wedding? Tell us below!

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