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November 30, 2019 2 min read

There are lots of things that come to mind when one thinks of Madison, Wisconsin. The beer and cheese? Certainly. The lakes, UW, the Union? Definitely. Also at the top of the list is the State Capitol building. 

It is the political hub of the state, and is just as gorgeous inside as it is on the outside. If you are thinking of proposing here, you have plenty of options. It is open to the public daily (except for the major holidays), and there is also an observation deck open in the summer. With grandiose architecture, this is a beautiful and romantic place to pop the question, and snap some engagement photos as well. All photos featured here are by Infinity Images Photography.

engagement photos outside of the wisconsin state capitol

Carlos and Kristie are high school sweethearts, and got engaged outside of the capitol building this past summer. They designed their custom engagement ring with us, and while Kristie knew she wanted a Chatham Emerald, the final design was created by Carlos. Emerald was important to them because of Carlos' Colombian heritage, as the country is known around the world for their emeralds. Choosing a lab-grown emerald from Chatham allowed them to have an eco-conscious option without sacrificing quality or color of the gem. 

The rich and vibrant green hue of the emerald is created in the controlled growth process that's rich in chromium. The emerald crystals grow larger and cleaner than those found in nature, and once the gems are cut, polished and faceted, it's essentially flawless in clarity. Mined emeralds typically contain inclusions that are visible to the eye. Because of this, Chatham Emeralds are a fantastic value. In fact, the price difference between a Chatham Emerald and the finest mined emerald of same size and quality can be as much as $100,000 per carat!

Engagement ring in madison wisconsin

For the design of the ring, Carlos wanted something with a little vintage and floral flair. The oval shape of the emerald lended itself well to be floral inspired, and the basket of the ring resembles petals. The band is a bypass style, meaning the band coils around the finger, and the two ends pass each other on the top. Lab-grown diamonds adorn the band and the basket for added sparkle. Of course, the green of her dress makes her ring pop even more!

Emerald engagement ring madison wisconsin

The Wisconsin State Capitol building is the perfect spot to capture the story of your love. What is your favorite place in Madison to propose/get engaged? Share with us below!

Thank you to Infinity Images Photography for sharing these photos!

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