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April 16, 2024 3 min read

Step into the world of Mallory & Will as we embark on a captivating Q+A journey with this dynamic duo. Join us as we uncover the depth of their relationship, engagement, and experience working with us at Soha Diamond Co. to design their dream engagement ring. 


Q: Where did you meet, and how long have you been together?

A: We met in 8th grade and went to the same middle school. We also swam on the same swim team together and had mutual friends. Our senior year, Will asked me to homecoming. Ever since that, we have been together and it has been 5 years now!

Q: Tell us your proposal story! 

A: Will had planned a trip to Boston for us. We stayed a few nights in New Hampshire with his family. On October 5th, he had planned a dinner for us at the Cliff House in Maine. It is a beautiful restaurant on a cliff that overlooks the water. We arrived and went down to check out the water, he proposed then! After that, we celebrated with a great dinner and some champagne. 

Q: What drew you both, as a couple, to Soha Diamond Co.?

A: A few couples recommended Soha Diamond Co. to us. We decided to just meet with them and immediately knew that we wanted to continue the process with them. What is so unique about Soha is that they truly want to get to know you and your story as a couple. From there, they begin the completely custom designing process. Every detail of the ring is custom to the couple and you get to pick out the stone as well. Soha does not stop the designing process until you truly love your engagement ring. 

Q: What factors were most important to you when designing your engagement ring? 

A: It was important to us that we felt like we were on a team with Soha and they were not just selling us a ring. They got to know us as a couple and made us feel like we were more than just customers. Soha supported us constantly throughout the process and made sure that our final design was something we were excited about. They provided us with amazing information and expertise which helped guide our decisions. It was also important to us that our ring was in our budget financially. Soha was amazing at finding us great options that were within our budget. Overall, the entire process of designing our ring was easy because we all worked together. 

Q: What does your engagement ring mean to you?

A: My engagement ring is a 3-stone ring. To us as a couple, it symbolizes the past, present, and the future. It signifies our commitment to each other forever. Since we designed the ring together, it also reminds me of how special the process of designing our engagement ring was. We incorporated both of our styles and creativity into one beautiful ring. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to a couple that may be interested in designing their engagement ring? 

A: One piece of advice I would give to a couple that may be interested in designing their engagement ring would be to ask questions. Throughout the process, we asked a lot of questions and changed our design multiple times. However, this helped lead us to the perfect engagement ring that symbolizes our love. 



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