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December 08, 2022 2 min read

Buying the perfect engagement ring for your partner is no easy task. You need to make sure that it is perfect, and to do that, it should be exceptional and truly catered to her taste. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the abundance of options, variations, and designs available. If you're looking to get an engagement ring in Madison, this guide will make sure you get the right ring for your partner

Recently, the choices have increased quite dramatically, and it's not always as clear cut as simply choosing the diamond and the cut.

The first consideration, of course, is the diamond. The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has been increasing in recent times and is often a more cost-effective and more ethical option to choose from. The following considerations are applicable to both naturally-mined and lab-grown diamonds. 

Choosing the Diamond:

Before diving into choosing the diamond, the first step is to set aside a budget. A general rule of thumb is to have a budget equal to 2-3 months of your salary. Now that you have a budget in mind, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight are the essential components to choose from. 

The carat weight can be adjusted based on your budget, but make sure you choose everything accordingly. 

Choosing the color is based on a number of factors, but it also boils down to your personal preference. Of course, the more color the diamond has, the more expensive it'll be. As far as the clarity is concerned, as long as it is of a sufficient grade, it’ll be good enough. 

The cut makes or breaks how the diamond looks, and you need to make sure the cut is exactly right. It truly brings out the look of the chosen diamond. 

And once you’re done with the cut, you need to choose the carat weight, and the primary consideration here is your budget. 

Once you’re done choosing the diamond, next comes how to make sure it’s the right one. 

Engagement Ring in Madison that Impresses Her

Personal Style of your Fiancé:

In order to choose the perfect one, you need to assess your fiancé's current jewelery preferences, whether they like minimal pieces or are more into something that makes a statement. Do they like platinum, or do they prefer gold? Make your next decision based on that. 

Size of the ring:

It’s not always the case that the size of the diamond is the most important consideration. Make sure the style of the ring is in line with your fiancé’s taste rather than trying to put all the emphasis on size. Choosing the right style is the perfect way to make sure your fiancé is impressed by your choice. 

Choosing the Metal:

As previously mentioned, choosing the metal depends highly upon the choice of your fiancé, so pay close attention before you choose a platinum ring, only to realize your partner prefers gold. 


Once you've made the assessment, you have a clear understanding of what to get and if you are based in Madison;our collection has a wide range of options to choose from—definitely one that ticks all the right boxes and impresses your fiancé.