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Photo by Emily Jean Images

Newlyweds Marilyn & Joshua met ten years ago, and have been creating their love story ever since. We absolutely loved their individually unique fashion styles, and are excited to share a small piece of their wedding day with you. Joshua came to us looking for a meaningful and non-traditional wedding band. Together, we came up with a truly one-of-a-kind piece that will last a lifetime while representing their union. Read on for more about this amazing couple! 

Soha Diamond Co. custom three row diamond band

Photo by Emily Jean Images

1. When did you get married?

New Year’s Eve, 12/31/17!

2. Tell us the proposal story!

Joshua proposed on my birthday while on vacation in Hawaii. After a long day of hanging out at the beach, we got burgers, fries, and some local beer and sat on the beach behind the cottage we were renting. He then gave me my birthday gift which was a leather pen case. The pen case was the same type of pen case that I had on the day that we first met in 2008 during a resume workshop. When I unzipped the pen case, instead of a fancy pen, there was an engagement ring! We both had tears in our eyes and called our families. About an hour later there was a knock at our cottage door, and there was Joshua's family, ready with champagne and gifts to celebrate our engagement! Joshua then commenced with telling me the story of how he asked my family for their blessing, which included presenting my parents with a horse!

3. What was the inspiration behind the style/design of your wedding bands?

Joshua wanted his wedding ring to be unique. He was looking to create a ring that held several different meanings, while keeping a good asthetic. He wanted to get something that went beyond the traditional men's band, while incorporating diamonds and other meaningful stones. His initial ideas included black coral from Hawaii as a nod to our engagement, benitoite from California to connect to where we live, and Montana sapphires to reflect where he's from. After talking through his ideas with Soha, they were able to come up with a design that made the best of all of Joshua's ideas and inspiration, while keeping our budget in mind. The end product was an awesome band with three rows of diamonds, with one side having saphirres in the center row. It's almost like Joshua has two rings, one with all diamonds, and then if he rotates it he's got that saphhire row as well.

My engagement ring is very bling-y, so to contrast that I opted for a simple, rose gold band. I wanted a more simple and practical band that she could wear when traveling and not have to worry about being too flashy or losing something with a lot of stones.

Soha Diamond Co. three row diamond band

Photo by Emily Jean Images

Below is a CAD/CAM render of one side of Joshua's ring with a row of blue sapphires. When turned, the other side is all diamonds. 

Soha Diamond co. three row diamond and blue sapphire band
4. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone about to get married?

Enjoy the planning process and after the rehearsal dinner turn over the baton to someone else so that you two can enjoy your ceremony, reception, and family with no distractions!


Marilyn and Joshua, thank you for sharing your special day with us! We wish you all the best on this exciting new chapter in your life. 

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