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April 27, 2018 1 min read

Contoured, or curved, bands are a great choice for someone looking to enhance the overall style and appearance of an engagement ring. While some bands are made specifically to match an engagement ring, some are made to be able to work with many different styles of rings. Our Graduated Contoured Wedding Band is one of those that will work beautifully with diamond shapes such as emerald or ovals, and ring styles of solitaire, halo, or even three-stone. 

Contoured diamond wedding band

The Graduated Contoured Wedding Band has a variety of sizes of side stones, comprised of lab-grown diamonds. The biggest size is in the center, gradually getting smaller as you near the sides of the mounting. 

Above is the Graduated Contoured Band with a three-stone oval engagement ring. 

Above is a client photo of her oval engagement ring paired with the graduated contoured wedding band. 

What engagement ring style would you pair this wedding band with? See more of the Graduated Contoured Wedding Band here!

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