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October 13, 2022 4 min read

When it comes to engagement rings, the consensus seems to be that bigger is better. Most people favor oversized gemstones, more sparkly designs, and higher settings. But while these are great options for those who want a statement ring, you can also choose low setting engagement rings if you’re the minimalist type. A low profile ring offers many practical benefits and can be just as stylish. 

What is a Low Setting Engagement Ring?

A low-set engagement ring is a style of ring that refers to the height of the diamond or the gemstone above the band. The low profile setting means that the point of the gemstone rests inside the band instead of on top of it. 

From a side profile, you can see that the gemstone sits low to give enough space for it to stay flush with the metal band. Choosing this ring style could be a practical consideration, especially since the gemstone is somewhat hidden and not as exposed as high set engagement rings. Because it sits flush in the metal band, it won't create as much sparkle as high setting engagement rings. It is still beautiful – don't get us wrong – but it won't be as noticeable as other ring settings. 

choose low setting engagement rings if you’re the minimalist type

Why Choose Low Setting Engagement Rings? 

If you’ve spent so much money choosing the best gemstone for your ring, why would you choose a low setting engagement ring? 

As mentioned earlier, there are many practical reasons for choosing a low set engagement ring. Here are some that you should consider:

  • It is ideal for those who have an active lifestyle or are in the healthcare industry. If you are constantly on the move or work in the healthcare field where you have to put on gloves, choosing a low set engagement ring ensures that the precious gemstone is secure and protected. It is especially recommended for women who have jobs that require the use of their hands. You want to be able to do your job without constantly worrying about causing damage to the precious gemstone if it sits high on the metal band and is exposed.
  • It won’t snag on fabric or clothes. A low profile engagement ring is also practical because it won't easily snag your clothes or other garments. Also, you don't have to worry about accidentally bumping it on any surface that could cause damage to the gemstone. High set engagement rings and garments don’t mix.
  • It won’t be a nuisance when doing your daily chores. Choosing a low set engagement ring frees you from the burden of constant worries about your gemstone being damaged when doing your daily tasks and activities. You can focus on cleaning up at home, working out, or folding clothes because you know that your gemstone is safe and secure.
  • It is more wearable and durable in the long run. Because the gemstone sits flush with the metal band, you shouldn’t be concerned about its long-term wearability and durability. It allows you to make the most of your investment without fear of damage. 

What to Consider When Buying Low Set Rings

Low setting engagement rings mean you won't get as much sparkle on the gemstone as you would with a high profile engagement ring. The lack of sparkle is due to the light being unable to reflect on the precious gem because it is hidden within the metal band rather than sitting on top of it. 

When you buy this type of ring, there are important considerations to make if you want to make a statement. There are a few options for settings on a low profile engagement ring. Your choice can impact the overall look of the ring. 

The first option is a bezel setting. This setting is a popular option for those looking for a minimalist style. It is recommended for women who lead an active lifestyle because you get the peace of mind that the precious gem is safe and secure. You can choose between a full or half-bezel setting. The half-bezel setting is ideal if you want to get as much sparkle as possible, even though the precious gem is hidden. 

The tension style setting is another great option for a low set engagement ring setting. This type of setting uses the metal band itself to secure the precious gemstone in place. It is a unique look and is best for brides or women who prefer to make a statement with a minimalist design. The setting makes it look like the gemstone are floating between the two arms of the band. Due to the unique style, the tension style setting is more expensive than other low setting engagement rings. It will also require more upkeep to ensure that the gemstone stays secure. 

Finally, you can choose a solitaire setting if you want a low set engagement ring. It is one of the classic and traditional styles of engagement rings that you can buy. It uses prongs to secure the gemstone and is popular because it provides maximum light exposure. Therefore, you can get a lot of brilliance even for a low setting like this one. The gemstone is also highly visible so that you can showcase the beauty of the gem. There are other benefits, such as being easy to clean while making the gem safe and secure. 

Low vs. High Setting Engagement Ring

Low vs. High Setting Engagement Ring: Which is Better? 

The decision between high and low setting engagement rings is up to you. While many prefer a high set engagement ring that proudly showcases the precious gemstone, a low profile setting makes a great alternative if you want a more budget-friendly ring. 

There are several benefits to buying a low profile engagement ring, especially if you consider lifestyle factors. Keep this in mind when choosing the ideal setting for an engagement ring. With the options available for a low profile setting, you don't have to sacrifice style and brilliance to secure the gemstone to make it suited to your lifestyle.