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May 27, 2024 3 min read

Congratulations on your engagement! As you and your partner embark on this exciting journey toward marriage, it’s essential to ensure that the symbol of your love and commitment - the engagement ring - is in perfect condition. One common concern that arises with engagement rings, particularly those featuring diamonds, is the possibility of the diamond becoming loose. 

A loose diamond not only poses a risk of falling out and getting lost, but also compromises the structural integrity of the ring. Therefore, it’s crucial to periodically check your engagement ring for any signs of a loose diamond. Here are a few ways to do it. 

Listen for Unusual Sounds 

A loose diamond may create a slight rattling sound when you gently shake the ring next to your ear. While this method is not foolproof, it can be a quick initial test to detect any noticeable movement inside the setting. 

Inspect the Diamond Setting 

Take a close look at the diamond setting using a magnifying glass, or bring your engagement ring to Soha Diamond Co. to have our gemologist look at it through a jeweler’s loupe. Look for any gaps or spaces between the diamond and the prongs holding it in place. If you notice even a tiny opening, it could indicate that the diamond is not securely set. 

Check for Movement

Using your fingertips, gently tap on the diamond with light pressure. If the diamond moves slightly within its setting, or if you feel any rocking motion, it’s a clear sign that it’s not properly secured. 

Look for Visual Clues 

Examine the diamond from different angles under bright light. If you notice any visible gaps, or if the diamond appears crooked or misaligned within the setting, it could mean that it’s loose. 

Visit a Professional Jeweler 

As part of our Lifetime Service Plan when you purchase your ring with Soha Diamond Co., your engagement ring can be looked at by our expert gemologist and designer. In our showroom, we are able to inspect your engagement ring and address any concerns regarding the diamond’s security. If repairs are needed, our team will find and fix any issues, and after three weeks, your engagement ring will be good as new. 

Regular Maintenance

Prevention is key when it comes to keeping your engagement ring in top condition. Schedule a regular cleaning and inspection with Soha Diamond Co.; though we have no specific requirements, we do recommend visiting us at least once every six months for an inspection and cleaning. This proactive approach can help prevent more significant problems down the line. 

Remember, it’s normal for jewelry to undergo wear and tear over time, especially when worn daily. By staying vigilant and taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of your engagement ring, you can continue to cherish its beauty and significance for years to come. 

In conclusion, keeping an eye out for signs of a loose diamond in your engagement ring is essential for maintaining its beauty and integrity. By following these simple tips and staying proactive, you can enjoy your engagement ring with confidence, knowing that your precious diamond is securely in place, symbolizing your enduring love and commitment. 

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