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May 17, 2024 3 min read

When it comes to choosing the perfect stone for your engagement ring, the decision often boils down to two contenders: diamond and moissanite. While both gems share a dazzling brilliance and timeless appeal, they possess unique characteristics that set them apart. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the similarities and differences between diamond and moissanite, helping you navigate the sparkling debate and make an informed choice that suits your style, budget, and preferences. 

Origins and Composition 

Diamonds, often referred to as “a girl’s best friend,” are naturally occurring gemstones formed deep within the Earth’s crust under high pressure and temperature conditions. They are composed of carbon atoms arranged in a crystal lattice structure, which gives them their renowned hardness and brilliance. Diamonds are prized for their rarity, durability, and unmatched sparkle, making them a symbol of everlasting love and luxury. Similarly, lab-grown diamonds have the exact same chemical and physical properties as mined diamonds. The only difference is where they come from: the ground, where they may be mined unethically, or a laboratory, where they are grown without ethical concerns.

Moissanite, on the other hand, is a laboratory-grown gemstone that was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan in a meteor crater in Arizona. Initially mistaken for diamonds due to their similar appearance, moissanites are composed of silicon carbide crystals and are produced through a patented process that recreates the conditions of natural moissanite formation. While moissanite is not as rare as diamonds, it boasts exceptional fire, brilliance, and durability, making it a popular alternative for those seeking a more affordable option. 

Brilliance and Fire 

Is Moissanite Sparklier Than a Diamond?

Both diamond and moissanite exhibit extraordinary brilliance and fire, creating a mesmerizing display of light and sparkle. Brilliance refers to the amount of white light reflected from the surface of the gemstone, while fire (dispersion) refers to the scattering of light into spectral colors like red, green, and blue. Diamonds are renowned for their unmatched brilliance and fire, thanks to their superior refractive index and optical properties. Moissanites, meanwhile, possess an even greater fire than diamonds, as they have a higher refractive index and dispersion, resulting in a fiery rainbow of colors that dance across the stone’s surface. 

Hardness and Durability 

Is Moissanite as Hard as Diamond?

Diamonds are the hardest known natural substance, scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This exceptional hardness makes diamonds highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and wear, making them ideal for everyday wear and lasting heirloom pieces. Moissanite, while not as hard as diamonds, still ranks high on the Mohs scale with a score of 9.25, making it very durable and suitable for everyday wear. However, due to its slightly lower hardness, moissanite may be more prone to scratching over time compared to diamonds. 

Cost and Affordability 

Is Moissanite Less Expensive Than Diamond?

One of the most significant differences between diamond and moissanite is their price point. Diamonds are highly sought after and can command premium prices due to their rarity, quality, and market demand. The cost of a diamond can vary significantly depending on factors such as carat weight, cut, color, clarity, and certification. In contrast, moissanites are more affordable than diamonds, offering excellent value for those seeking a beautiful and budget-friendly alternative. Moissanites are an attractive option for couples looking to maximize their budget without compromising on sparkle or beauty. 

When it comes to choosing between diamond and moissanite, there is no right or wrong answer - only what’s right for you. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of diamonds or the affordable luxury of moissanite, each stone offers its own unique beauty, brilliance, and charm. Consider your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget, and don’t be afraid to explore both options before making your decision. Whatever you choose, rest assured that your chosen gemstone will serve as a sparkling symbol of your love and commitment for years to come. 

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