Moissanite Bezel-Set Earrings


Dazzle and delight with these classic moissanite earrings that will never go out of style. The bezel-set basket keeps the stones secure, while never losing its sparkle! 

At Soha Diamond Co. we use only 100% recycled gold, silver and platinum in our precious metal pieces. We thank you for doing your part in helping the environment by choosing certified recycled metals. 

As this is a made-to-order item, please allow 7-10 business days before shipment.

    • Moissanite Size/Shape: 5mm Round Colorless (DEF)
    • Diamond Equivalent Weight: 1 CTW
    • Available in 14k White, Yellow, or Rose Gold
    What is moissanite?

    Lab-grown moissanite is comprised of silicon carbide crystals, which are fashioned into created moissanite gemstones after being carefully and precisely faceted. 

    All of our moissanite rings are crafted with Charles and Colvard Colorless stones, designed to maximize its brilliance, enhance its incredible fire, and reveal its inner beauty.

    With a 9.25 on the Hardness scale and unmatched fire and brilliance, our moissanite stones offer beauty at a revolutionary value. 

      Why Soha Diamond Co.?
      Soha Diamond Co. was founded by a 10th Generation Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist, whose last name means "Family of Jewelers." We take the business of family very seriously, and take great care in listing only the best jewelry and diamonds fit for our loved ones. Some other things you can expect from us:
      • The only diamonds we sell are grown above-ground, right down to the tiny side stones. This is important to us, as we believe the only truly conflict-free, blood-free diamond is a lab-grown one. It is also much more friendly to the environment, human rights and wildlife. Please click here to learn more about the differences between a mined diamond and a lab-grown diamond. 
      • All of our precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) are 100% recycled. This is important to us, because mining for new gold causes great strain to the environment. 

      This piece is made-to-order and handcrafted here in the USA. Once the order is placed and processed, please allow 7 business days to make, and once completed, will ship via fully insured, 2-day air with signature confirmation. For more information on shipping and rates, please click here.


      As with all fine jewelry, your handcrafted Soha Diamond Co. jewelry should be treated with care. Following the tips below should help to reduce the amount you'll need to clean your jewelry, and will also help to keep your jewelry looking as sparkling and radiant as possible:

      • Remove your jewelry before any contact sports as it could cause harm to the jewelry and potentially to others, as well. 
      • Remove jewelry before bathing or swimming. Chlorinated water can potentially cause color changes and/or structural changes to the jewelry. Soap can also cause a film on the diamond or jewelry which will make it appear dull. As a precaution, remove jewelry before entering any bodies of fresh water as well. It may cause the ring or jewelry to become loose, and potentially, lost. 
      • Put on any makeup and/or perfume after you put on your jewelry. Otherwise, these items, whether airborne or on your fingers, could cause buildup or damage. The same goes for lotion, so take care when applying. 
      • Remove jewelry when doing household tasks such as washing dishes, gardening or washing the car. This will help to prevent the jewelry to come in contact with chemicals.
      • Storage is also an important piece to caring for your jewelry. It's recommended to store your jewelry in a jewelry box or wrapped in soft cloth when not being worn. Take care not to let it rub against other jewelry. 
      • Gold Care: Clean the jewelry in lukewarm water and a mild dish soap. Rub gently with very soft toothbrush, and rinse in lukewarm water. Dry with a soft, dry non-abrasive towel. Let it air-dry thoroughly before wearing. 

      • All of our fine jewelry is handcrafted here in the USA with the highest standards and guaranteed against manufacturing defects. We want you to absolutely love your made-to-order piece! However, if you need to return or exchange it, you may do so within 30 days of purchase for store credit. Please see here for our full return policy

        Because of their personalized nature, engraved items are not eligible for returns.