Our Story

Thank you for taking the time to visit Soha Diamond Co. My name is Soha Javaherian. I bet you paused and had to re-read my name phonetically. You’re probably a bit confused; maybe you’re thinking “What kind of name is that?” or “I wonder if that’s a male or female name?” or “Where’s this person from?” Throughout my life, I’ve tried my best to make my name sound “normal.” In my experience, my name is foreign to both your ears and tongue. I’ve grown accustomed to expecting a blank stare or further clarification as if I’m catching you off guard by simply introducing myself. I’m different. I always have been, I always will be. 

My wife Aubree and I decided to pursue my multi-generational family trade, which is jewelry. Of which the industry, since its inception, hasn’t seen a meaningful change that directly benefits the environment and its most precious resource: you, the consumer. Why? Simply put: The jewelry industry wants to romanticize your end-to-end experience with jewelry by using words, processes, and certifications that re-direct your attention to make you “feel good” about your purchase. Of course, conveniently, leaving out that for approximately every 1 carat of cut and polished diamond, 14,693 pounds (7.35 US Ton) of ore is extracted from the earth.

Jewelry runs deep in my family, as my last name translates in Farsi (Persian) to "Family of Jewelers." I’m a 10th generation jeweler, GIA full-ride scholarship recipient, GIA Graduate Gemologist (GG) and Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP). I'm a former diamond grader and have worked for one of the top luxury jewelry retailers. I am proud to be an advocate and believer in laboratory grown diamonds. Why? Because they exhibit the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as their mined counterparts. This means that they are, in every way, as diamond as can be. 

Soha Diamond Co. was founded by my wife and I who look past "traditional" views and concepts when it comes to jewelry and diamonds. Our vision is to offer you exclusively laboratory-grown diamonds and gemstones in recycled precious metals. We believe you should never have to sacrifice or violate the environment and human rights in order to wear fine jewelry. We're here because you deserve to have an option. You're here because you're not conventional. You never take things at face value, you challenge the status quo, and you always dig deeper. You're just like us. Welcome to the family. 



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