Printable Ring Sizer

Use our Printable Ring Sizer to help measure the correct ring size for you or a loved one. Print out the PDF document below and follow the instructions to ensure the scaling is correct. While having your finger professionally measured is the best way to go, sometimes, it may not be possible. Print the sizing guide below to help determine size in the comfort of your own home. Lastly, rest easy knowing we offer a free ring re-sizing within 60 days of your engagement ring purchase from Soha Diamond Co. Just pay for shipping, and the cost of the re-sizing is on us! Learn more here


Method One: 

Print the Sizer (2nd page) and follow the directions on how to cut. Wrap the sizer around your finger and slide the small end through the slit until it's snug. It measures by half-sizes. If you are in doubt, size up. 

Method Two:

Measure by a piece of string. Locate this measurer on the 2nd page, find a string (twine), wrap it around your finger until it is snug, and then cut the string where it meets. Then, measure the string next to the lines on the 2nd page. If in doubt, size up. 

Method Three:

Email us your name and address, and we will mail you our plastic ring sizer. Please allow 7-10 business days for this method. 

Method Four:

If the engagement is to be a complete surprise, print the 1st page, and try to find a ring that is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring. Take the ring and place it upon one of the circles, and find the one that matches closest. You'll want to match the inside edge of the ring to the circle. If you don't get an exact match, size up. 

Method Five:

Ask a close relative or friend. They may have purchased a ring in the past or tried on their jewelry. The most common ring size for women is between a size 5 and 7, and the most popular size purchased is a size 6. 



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