One Tree Planted

We partner with One Tree Planted to help with global reforestation, and the best part is, for every sale made, one tree is planted. 


Soha Diamond Co. one tree planted

One Tree Planted has feet on the ground in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. From California, to Brazil, to Ghana, Indonesia, and more, they help to reforest the area and raise awareness about the importance of trees. 


Soha Diamond Co. one tree planted

There are six main benefits of reforestation that is focused on: Air, Water, Biodiversity, Social Impact, Health, and Climate. Planting trees create a plethora of benefits, like releasing clean oxygen while taking in harmful pollutants, provide habitats to wildlife, maintain earth's water cycles, provide jobs and food to local communities, and more. 

Want to help?

Soha Diamond Co. one tree planted with sale

For every online or in-person sale, one tree will be planted. It's as simple as that! 


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