Home Try-On Program

How does your home try-on program work?

    • We understand that you may want to see a ring in person to help aid in your decision process, which is why we now offer our home try-on program to our customers! Just pay $49.99 for shipping costs, and pick two of our sample rings to try on in the comfort of your own home. If you decide you'd like to move forward with an engagement ring, we will credit that $49.99 toward your purchase. All samples are a Size 7 and made with alloyed materials and CZ, to give you an idea of the craftsmanship and how it looks on your finger. Our lab-grown diamonds will look even more brilliant! 

      • Once the order is processed, we will mail you the two sample rings. Yay!
      • You will have three days (3) to try these on. Once the three days are up, please send them back using the pre-paid label and shipping box we have included.
      • After we receive them, we will review the samples to ensure there are no missing or damaged items. If not, we will then credit your original $49.99 toward the purchase of your new ring! This credit will remain on your account for 90 days, which can be used toward the purchase of any engagement ring or wedding band. Please note, shipping costs are non-refundable. 
      • If the samples are missing, damaged, or lost, we will charge the card on file $50.00 per ring, plus all original and return shipping costs. By participating in our Program, you agree to these terms and conditions. Please click here to see all available sample rings.  

    More Information

    Soha Diamond Co. offers a three (3) day home-try on program to help you choose the perfect laboratory grown engagement ring and/or wedding band. Simply choose two (2) sample setting styles from our collection. Just pay $49.99, and we will ship them to you, along with a pre-paid return-shipping label and shipping box. Return the rings within the three-day trial period, and we will credit your $49.99 toward the purchase of a new ring within 30 days.


    The Soha Diamond Co. home-try on program is currently available within the continental United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska & Internationally).


    If the rings are returned to us in a damaged state, or missing, we will charge the card on file for the full cost of the sample setting ($50 per ring, up to $100 total). This also applies to any ring that is lost or stolen. By participating in our home try-on program, you agree to return all sample settings to us in their original condition within the three-day try-on period, using the packaging and prepaid return label that was provided. You agree that if the rings do not make it back to us within the three-day period, or are damaged or missing, to be charged up to $100 for replacement of the sample settings, and acknowledge that the original $49.99 Program Credit is non-refundable.


    In order to avoid an up-to $100.00 charge, your home try-on package will need to be postmarked (on its way back to Soha Diamond Co.) by the third full business day after delivery. If your home try-on period ends on a weekend or holiday, just drop the return package to your local UPS store on the next available business day. While we ask that packages be shipped back to us within the 3-day trial period, we understand things come up. If you need a little extra time to decide, just email our customer service here, or at (800) 608.0476 to arrange an alternative ship-back date. We’re available to take your email, live chat, or phone calls during business hours.


    While our alloy sample settings are not precious metals and do not feature laboratory grown gemstones, they do accurately represent style, but by no means reflect the finished quality or craftsmanship of a Soha Diamond Co. setting and laboratory grown gemstone.


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