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Clarity Grade - The 4Cs of Diamonds - Soha Diamond Co.

What is clarity grade?

Diamond clarity refers to the absence inclusions and blemishes
An inclusion is “internal”, which means it is confined inside the diamond or may be surface reaching.
A blemish is on the “external”, which means it is confined outside of the diamond and does not penetrate into the diamond. 

How it is graded? 

Clarity is the relative absence of inclusions and blemishes
Clarity is graded under 10x magnification
The clarity scale contains 11 grades
4Cs of Diamonds - Clarity Grade - Soha Diamond Co.

What are clarity characteristics?

Clarity characteristics are specific types of inclusions (internal) or blemishes (external) 
Clarity characteristics can vary widely in form factor, but the most common are small crystals trapped during growth, fractures, irregularities in its atomic structure, or general growth remnants.
Clarity characteristics can even form during or after the growth, processing, cutting, or general mishandling or neglect.
Diamonds have internal features, called inclusions, and surface irregularities, called blemishes. Together, they’re called clarity characteristics.

Can I tell a difference? 

VVS clarity range = Unseen with your naked eye
VS clarity range = Minute with your naked eye  
SI clarity range = Minor with your naked eye  
I clarity range = Noticeable to very noticeable your naked eye

    See for yourself!

    Use the interactive tool below to compare the different clarity grades

    Pricing Dynamics 

    The absence of inclusions and blemishes makes a diamond rare and affects the value.
    Increasing clarity grade makes a diamond rare and affects the value

    Subtle differences in clarity characteristics can dramatically af­fect diamond value. Two diamonds of the same carat weight, color, and cut can differ in value based on clarity grade alone

    4Cs of Diamonds - Clarity Grade Pricing Dynamics - Soha Diamond Co.