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We are proud to partner with Diamond Foundry, a certified carbon-neutral company who grows their diamonds here in the USA. While that's amazing in itself, Diamond Foundry also boasts an incredible number of unique diamond shapes and cuts, recently adding 29 of them to their arsenal.

While they offer popular cuts like round brilliant, oval, emerald and pear, they also have a dazzling array of cuts you've never heard of. Keystone, Shield, Regulus and Lozenge are among some of them. If you're looking for a truly unique diamond that you won't find anywhere else, it has to be from Diamond Foundry. Contact us today to get started on your lab-grown diamond search!

If you're interested in a standard Diamond Foundry cut, check out our ring builderwhere you can select a Soha Diamond Co. ring and a Diamond Foundry lab-grown diamond!

Diamond Foundry special shapes

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