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The trend of wearing multiple rings together, or stacked, has been here for a couple years now, but is still going strong. It's a way to put your mark on jewelry and try out different styles. Need some ideas on how to get a great stackable look? Read on for some ring inspiration. And remember, there is no wrong way to express your style!


1. Same color family, handful of rings

Soha Diamond Co. stackable rings

Choosing four or more rings is a great way to showcase different styles, while keeping them all the same color creates a look of cohesion. Here we've chosen all white gold rings, but with different styles and designs. On the thumb is a plain 2mm width band, on the pointer finger is our Infinity Band and 1.5mm diamond band, and on the ring finger is our Channel Set band. They all have a unique look, yet don't compete with each other. 

2. Mixed Metals & Textures

Soha Diamond Co. mixed metal jewelry

For a more eclectic styles, choose from different metal colors and textures for a unique look. Here we've added a hammered white gold band on the thumb, a flat rose gold band on the pointer finger, and a yellow gold band and rose gold band on the ring finger. You can see they all have different widths as well, which adds to the appeal.

3. Single finger stack

Soha Diamond Co. stackable band

We LOVE this version of ring stacking, as it adds so much character and depth to the finger. For this look, stack rings above and below an engagement ring, or any ring with a larger center stone. Make it interesting and mix different metal colors and styles. We mixed a couple of our diamond bands with plain metal bands in different colors. 

Which stackable style will you try next? Do you have a favorite?


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